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Stories from Our Programs


Adult Vocational Program

Meet Alexandra, a participant in our Adult Services Vocational Program. Whether she’s baking in the café, or planning with program staff for a future with even more independence, Alexandra brings her caring spirit. Learn about Alexandra’s journey.

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Perkins is now RFK Community Alliance

Starting now, we are the same organization, people, and programs you have known – just with a different name and look.

Meet Naomi

Naomi, who recently graduated from the Doctor Franklin Perkins School (DFPS), came to us initially because she was out of options.

Donor Spotlight

Donato Tramuto

Content in development. This is most of the article on Linda from last year's report as filler text. Pictures chosen at random b/c they were in media library. When Linda Williams (she/her) considered joining a nonprofit board, she required two things: that the mission resonated and that the connection was personal. She found both when she joined the then-RFK Children’s Action Corps board in 2013. Now, as a board member of RFK Community Alliance and the parent of a student at Doctor Franklin Perkins School (DFPS), Linda brings a valuable perspective to the agency.

Linda grew up on a farm. Her mother passed away when she was two and her father, who balanced farming and working for the US Postal Service, raised her and her sister, who has developmental disabilities. At a time when it was completely acceptable for a widower to pass on parenting duties, her father embraced the role. He modeled giving without expecting anything in return throughout his lifetime. And when she came out to him in her 30’s, he was completely accepting, saying he’d known she was gay since she was a teenager and was waiting for her to be comfortable sharing this with him.

Donato Tramuto

“We’re lucky to have Linda as an RFK Community Alliance Trustee. She’s a dedicated and extremely thoughtful contributor to the organization and the Board, who is deeply compassionate and grounded in her own personal connections to the work.”

-Michael W. Ames, PhD, President and CEO, RFK Community Alliance