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The Road Ahead

Strategic Plan

We are pleased to share a vision and roadmap for an RFK Community Alliance that is meeting more needs for more people facing challenges, while also providing well-resourced workplaces for our team members where each of us feels connected to each other and supported in our careers.

2027 Vision

By 2027, we will deepen our impact, expanding programming to meet unmet needs for the individuals and communities we currently serve and to reach some new individuals and communities who need us.

We will do so by being—and being known as—expert in the work we do. And we will do so by being—and being known as—a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace with an outstanding culture where all who work with us feel like they can excel and grow in their careers.

The 2027 RFKCA will accomplish these goals as a cohesive whole with our talent and resources unified and focused on innovation and opportunities to increase our impact.

When we achieve our vision:
  • We are serving more people in more places

  • We are known as an employer of choice

  • Our programs are demonstrably impactful

  • We are impacting policy and systems through consultation and advocacy

  • We maintain fiscal health

To achieve our vision, we will:

Grow and enhance our regional and functional service areas such that we have strong community ties, a growing impact, and are recognized as local and functional-area experts who are willing to innovate and grow to meet unmet needs for vulnerable children, youth, adults, and families.

How We’ll Do It

  • Grow and enhance regional and functional service areas

  • Invest in regional and function leadership

  • Invest in building regional and function service area teams that are diverse and feel connected to each other and the organization

  • Annually assess opportunities for growth and capacity to achieve that growth


Increase the investments we make in our workforce and culture, reinforcing core values with an emphasis on fostering a deep sense of connection and belonging for everyone while providing opportunities for all RFK team members to grow, advancing their career through continuing education, professional development, and hard work.

How We’ll Do It

  • Expand recruitment efforts to increase the number and diversity of candidates

  • Expand opportunities for current team members

  • Implement a supervision approach that is consistent across the organization

  • Expand and enhance investments in team members and workplace culture


Invest in our support functions, physical plant, and technology infrastructure to align with agency growth, strategic objectives, and to efficiently and fully meeting the needs of our workforce and those we serve.

How We’ll Do It

  • Adequately resource support functions – Human Resources, Finance, Training, Performance and Quality Improvement, Advancement

  • Develop a multi-year capital and financing plan for all owned and leased properties

  • Ensure information technology capacity meets growing agency needs


Enhance program design, evaluation, and data reporting to measure organizational capacity, ensure all program models are evidence-based and well implemented, that they meet the needs of those seeking support, that improvements and/or new programming is initiated as indicated, and that our impact is shared.

How We’ll Do It

  • Ensure that every service area or program has a clear and well-articulated program model

  • Align program and service outcomes within the agency’s domains of well-being, connections, capabilities, and health

  • Share program impact data externally

  • Implement performance targets and assessment tools to measure progress towards targets


Balance contract revenue, charitable support, and endowment draws to maintain positive operating margins while investing in our workforce, maintaining our infrastructure, and providing adequate support to all programs.

How We’ll Do It

  • Maintain balanced annual budgets

  • Reinvest operational surpluses in strategic goals

  • Assess programs for long-term financial sustainability

  • Increase fundraising capacity and margin to support programming, capital improvements, and workforce development that is otherwise unsupported.

  • Structure endowment draws to ensure continued growth in assets

Support Our Work

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