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Safe, Supportive, Meaningful

Since 1896, RFK Community Alliance (previously Doctor Franklin Perkins School) has provided services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

From our compassionate, thoughtful, and expert staff, to our comfortable and varied facilities, to our engaging day-to-day activities and programming, the adults in our care are living full and meaningful lives with the appropriate level of support.

We value and promote each person’s right to independence, satisfying work, family ties, and social and community connections – and know that families are often the strongest supporters, advocates, and friends to those we work with. We enjoy partnering with program participants and their families to ensure that each person we work with is living life to the fullest.

Adult Services

Central Massachusetts Location

Our residences and day program facilities are located in the towns of Lancaster and Clinton, Massachusetts and participants often move between the towns via agency vans.

In downtown Clinton, our central location puts us within easy walking distance to playing fields, Clinton’s Central Park, the Museum of Russian Icons, the library, the historical society, churches, town offices, banks, post office, several restaurants, and a number of local merchants. We even have a coffee shop on the premises, where people in the adult program sell coffee to the locals.

In Lancaster, program participants enjoy the beautiful RFK Community Alliance campuses, a quiet ambience with plenty of space for walking and enjoying nature.

Day Programming


For those adults looking for a vocational opportunity, we offer employment opportunities, including cleaning at local area businesses, as well as many of the RFK Community Alliance buildings. Adults in the program also serve coffee and make and sell crafts in the cafe and craft shop located on High Street in Clinton, work in the onsite laundry facilities, garden at the Clinton Senior Center, and help out other programs at RFK Community Alliance.

Each job includes training, staff supervision, and an hourly pay rate, not to mention a full day of activities to support program participants in achieving their individual goals in both collaborative and individual settings. From discussions about personal rights, to fire safety, to bullying, privacy, and potential safety concerns, program participants meet regularly with their peers and RFK Community Alliance team members to learn and grow in their careers.

Living Life to the Fullest

Everyone deserves a robust life; a life that is connected, capable, and healthy.

RFK Community Alliance Adult day programming offers social, physical, and skill-building opportunities for both our residential and day participants, based on each person’s interests and abilities. Supported by caring and trained staff, program participants enjoy a mix of on-site activities and programming, as well as employment at RFK Community Alliance and in the community if they choose to work.

Residential Services

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” - Maya Angelou

Our adult residential program provides care and engagement in small, home-like residences that are comfortable and inclusive, and allows each person their own choices. Our expert and caring staff help to create a safe and supportive environment in which each person we serve can pursue personal interests, in addition to enjoying their friends.

Residents range in age from 18 years to end of life. Great care is given to matching residents with their living arrangement, as well as roommates based on compatibility, interests, and developmental level. Some residences offer a kitchen that provides residents and clients with the opportunity to prepare their own meals with supervision and guidance. Other residences allow for meals by RFK Community Alliance team members.

Residential Details

Quality of Life

With access to downtown Clinton’s hustle and bustle and Lancaster’s open spaces, Adult residents can take a stroll in the busy downtown one minute and enjoy walking trails, a basketball court, fitness center, indoor pool, and full gymnasium the next. All while being supported by attentive, caring RFK Community Alliance team members.

Assisted Living at Davis Manor in Lancaster

Our small, unique assisted living community on our Main Street campus in Lancaster provides personalized care to those with developmental disabilities in a home-like and warm setting. Highly-trained staff support residents in navigating their daily lives and offer gentle assistance with aging issues that include health and mobility challenges, as well as various levels of memory decline. Residents of Davis Manor enjoy a strong network of supports, daily supervision, and activities designed to maintain residents’ independent functioning for as long as possible.

Personal Story

Chriss Ricci

Chris Ricci arrives to Barlow, our Adult Services’ hub in Clinton, every morning with a wide smile on his face. A day participant, Chris is always eager to check the schedule for the day’s tasks, collect his supplies, and begin his work. On a typical day, you’ll likely find him spending the morning with a small team cleaning the common areas at Main Street Campus in Lancaster. In the afternoons, Chris and his fellow participants might engage in creative projects or educational work. On Fridays – to celebrate the end of the week – they enjoy watching movies together. Chris loves all movies, but horror movies and the Fast & Furious series are some of his favorites.

During the summer, Chris – who describes himself as someone who likes to be outside and “get [his] hands dirty” – worked in the garden at the Clinton Senior Center. In addition to weeding and prepping garden beds, Chris helped plant tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini.

No matter the project, Chris is energized and motivated by his ability to flourish in the program. When asked about the best aspect of being part of Adult Services, Chris beamed with pride and said, “I feel great about doing my work every day.” He also noted the valuable social component the program provides since he gets to work alongside and see his close friends. Chris is also a standout peer mentor for others in the program. He’s often paired with newer participants or residents to model tasks and chores. As he explained, “I love that they’re learning new skills for themselves and get excited when they can do it.”

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