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Legacy Mentoring

Empowering Survivors to Change Their Lives

Legacy Mentoring serves Hampden County and Berkshire County children and youth at risk of, or already affected by, commercial sexual exploitation. Our trained mentors have lived experience and understand the circumstances which may lead to commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) as well as the supports needed to help affected children and youth.

Trained in evidence-based practices, Legacy Mentors develop and support meaningful relationships; provide mentoring services to youth identified as CSEC, or at imminent risk for CSEC; and actively engage youth identified as CSEC to help them become empowered and courageous survivors with the ability to change their own lives.

Legacy Mentoring also increases community awareness and outreach to enhance community identification and support of commercially sexually exploited children and youth.

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Legacy Mentoring Berkshire County

Talia Magnani



Legacy Mentoring Hampden County

Tanyka Barnett



Personal Story


As a child, Mona’s home was unstable – she was abused, neglected, and without a consistent adult to rely on. Like so many of the youth RFK Community Alliance serves, she found herself in trouble because her behavior reflected the trauma and instability of her life.

Mona was referred to RFK Community Alliance’s Detention Diversion and Legacy Mentoring programs after an arrest and court hearing. Our expert teams partnered with her, offering patience and compassion, consistent support, their own lived experience, and therapeutic interventions.

At first, she couldn’t understand that the much older man she considered her boyfriend – who gave her clothes and gifts but also sold her to other adult men for sex – was exploiting and abusing her. With the support of her mentor, who shared her own experience of being trafficked along with her journey to stability, Mona came to tell her story for what it is: She is a survivor; he is a trafficker – not just of her, but many other girls too; and she has the power to change the story for herself and others. Mona’s testimony against her trafficker showed how far she’s come, but we know she still has a long way to go. We’ll be part of the support system as she builds her community, her voice, and her future.

National Trafficking Hotline

If you or someone you know needs help, or want to report a potential human trafficking situation, contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

24/7 Phone: 1-888-373-7888 or SMS/Text: 233733
Chat and/or Online Reporting Form:

I work at Legacy because these kiddos need an outlet from a person who understands the reasoning behind their impulsivities and why they struggle with activities of daily living. Not only am I mentoring them, but they are constantly teaching me to be a better person and they have softened my heart. CSEC is an ongoing issue and many children are victims. I am the voice for the children who have not yet learned to advocate for themselves and in doing so I am here to make sure their needs are met and that I demonstrate through my current life, how your past will never define your future while keeping them safe while out in the community.


Survivor Mentor

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