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Young Adult Supported Living Program

Charting a Path to Independence

The Young Adult Supported Living Program supports young adults (ages 18-22 years old) with housing, case management and experiential learning. In a nutshell, we help youth create life-long connections within their communities. Contracted through the Department of Children and Families, this scattered site housing program is located in both Central and Western MA.

Why Supported Living?

We seek to give each transitioning youth not only the skills and knowledge to be successful in their transition to adulthood, but to provide safe and supportive ways to practice and master these skills, with graduated levels of independence, self-initiation, and decision-making.

We're here for you.

Young Adult Supported Living Program
Western Region (Holyoke area)

Keva Noel


Our Approach

We work with participating young adults to develop Individual Treatment Plans and connect them to their communities for a lifetime.

Services offered include:

• Educational & Vocational support

• Housing assistance

• Life skills development & Coaching

• Health & wellness education

• Schedule planning

• Financial Literacy education

• Life-long connections for permanency

• Community provider connections & collaborations

• Mental and emotional support

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