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Don't Let Challenges Define You

Help Us Inspire Others to Follow Marta’s Success

Click on the "Hear Marta" link to hear from Marta.

After years of facing obstacles and having encountered difficulties with the juvenile justice system, Marta’s time in our programs have helped her find her successful path. She is currently awaiting high school graduation, so she can start college, and work towards her dream of becoming a travel nurse. And while she credits DDAP and AIM for her success, we know that she is responsible for her own achievements. Congratulations, Marta!

A Note from our President and CEO

Dear Friends,

Hello. As we near the close of our fiscal year, I’m reaching out with a special request: will you support RFK Community Alliance with a donation? Your contribution directly impacts the lives of the people we serve – kids, teens, and adults alike.

Meet Marta, whose determination is inspirational. Marta's journey has been far from easy, but she has never let her challenges define her.

As a teenager, Marta encountered difficulties that led her into the juvenile justice system. Thankfully, she was referred to our Detention Diversion Advocacy Program (DDAP), operating in courts in both Eastern and Western Massachusetts. Through DDAP, Marta not only received guidance through the legal process but also found a supportive community of peers facing similar challenges and caring mentors who guided her along. Marta found comfort knowing that she was not alone in facing her obstacles.

After successfully completing DDAP, Marta transitioned to our Achievement in Motion Mentoring program (AIM), which provides ongoing support to young adults like her. AIM played a crucial role in helping Marta regain focus, graduate from high school, and set her sights on college.

Marta’s goal is to become a travel nurse to combine her passions for helping and exploring; she is determined to make it a reality. With the support of her DDAP and AIM mentors, and her mother, who has consistently been there for her, Marta expects to achieve her dreams.

We are incredibly proud of Marta and cannot wait to walk beside her as she takes her next steps. Marta, thanks for showing us that with the right support and a whole lot of effort, anything is possible.

Your donation to RFK Community Alliance directly funds programs like AIM, ensuring that we can serve more individuals in-need with high quality support. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a meaningful difference in the lives of those we support.

Thank you for considering our request. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of young adults like Marta.

Warm regards,

Michael W. Ames, PhD

President and Chief Executive Officer

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